About Alto VenCap Pte. Ltd.

Alto VenCap provides advisory services to help companies, especially start-ups, to secure funding, strategic resources, board of directors and panel of experts to jump-start their ventures; to improve on their corporate governance; to guide them to comply with international accounting standard and best-in-breed management practices. We assist companies to secure grants such as PIC/MRA/CDG schemes and government-backed soft loans to grow and expand.

Alto VenCap secondary role is to help matured companies to look out for merger and acquisition targets to enhance their profitability and to grow in new strategic landscapes. Alto VenCap partners have years of M+A and RTO experience and expertise that are made available to investee companies to complete transactions expeditiously without incurring hefty undue expenses and cycle time.

Alto VenCap provides strategic inputs in the development of asset-back bonds, convertible bonds, investment trusts, preference shares, warrants, sale-and-leaseback and zero-coupon bonds for specific fund-raising initiatives. We believe in asset-light strategies, without compromising on returns on investments and shareholders’ equity dilution.

Selection criteria:
1) Growth Factor
2) Low cost operation
3) High profit
4) Entrepreneurial skills and experience
5) Clarity of exit